DVD Excerpts

Video_cap1 Mendelssohn Octet-Allegro Moderato

all violinists and violists in the ensemble are from the
Bossert Studio.
mp4: 9:58 (21.5 mb)

Video 2 Bach Double Adagio

with Joseph Robinson, former principal oboist of the
New York Philharmonic—mp4: 5:54 (33.9 mb)

Video 3 Piazzolla Winter

mp4: 8:01 (20.2 mb)

Video 4 Piazzolla Spring

mp4: 5:32 (15.6 mb)

Video 5 Vivaldi 4 violin concerto

Elmar Oliveira and my students, Paula Majerfeld
and Andrew Eng—mp4: 3:44 (8.2 mb)

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