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At the core of all artistry is the burning desire to tell a story. It is with this goal in mind, that I guide my students through their study. To ”tell a story” one must acquire a unique skill set of sound, color, pacing, and emotion. Creativity is key, but ultimately it is not enough if it is not understood and internalized in conjunction with technique.

Technique becomes the music and music becomes the technique, and like with any great artist, it is one and the same. Even during the most difficult technical work, the musical goal should remain at the forefront. Therefore, the beauty of sound and pulse should sustain throughout even the most arduous of tasks (such as finger independence exercises, intonation work and etudes).

Laura TeachingDuring this process, creativity is also key for both the teacher and student. I encourage students to engage in their practice “like children in a sandbox,” full of experimentation, wonderment and judgment reserved for observation only. There are basic “tools” that I know will work for 90% of players, and the other 10% form the “gray area” which is a source of continual exploration.

It is my hope that my students feel they are in a comfortable environment where they are encouraged to think for themselves. Questions, analogies and humor are also a part of our lessons. My goal is to have each student become his or her own greatest teacher.

Quote by LauraPlaying an instrument beautifully isn’t complicated. Teaching oneself to play is the difficult part. I will work with my students on every detail until they play at their highest level. Together, we will map out a strategy for future success and the viability of each student’s dream. On a purely practical level, resume, bios, cover letters, mock interviews and auditions, etc., must also be a significant part of our work together.

I will see it through to the end, if the student is willing to accept honestly where he is and work diligently until he is on his way to becoming his best teacher and ultimately his own “story teller.”

I am passionate and humbled by teaching and cherish my relationships with my students and admire each and every one of them for their tenacity and will.

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