DVD Excerpts

Video Student 2 Anna Williams, Strauss

mp4: 1:13 (35.7 mb)


Video Student 1 Polina Sedukh, Ravel Tzigane

mp4: 4:08 (9.1 mb)

Video Student 2 Isaac Allen, Janacek

mp4: 4:25 (9.8 mb)

New York Philharmonic

Video Student 3 Mendelssohn Octet (mvt.1)

Laura Bossert, Paula Majerfeld, Isaac Allen, Bram Goldstein, Andrew Eng, Russell Wilson, Terry King, Yuan Zhang (all are in the Bossert-King studio)...mp4: 4:09 (9.1 mb)

Video Student 4 Andrew Eng, Piazzolla Summer

mp4: 3:01 (5.9 mb)

Video 5 Student Ashley Vandiver, Golijov Rounds

mp4: 1:56 (4.3 mb)

Video 6 Student Bossert-King Orchestra, CPE Bach Sinfonia in C

all members of the violin and viola section are a part of the Bossert studio...mp4: 2:48 (6.2 mb)

Video Student a Orie Furata, Black Bird

mp4: 3:55 (17.3 mb)

Video Student 7 Sara Matayoshi, Strauss Sonata

mp4: 2:19 (5.1 mb)

Video Student 8 Kati Tuominen, Schubert Rondo

mp4: 2:04 (4.7 mb)

Video Student 9 Susanna Cortesio-Ogata, Bartok Rhapsody no. 2

mp4: 2:53 (6.7 mb)

Wellesley DVD

Video Wellesley 1 Victoria Cheng, Brahms A Major Sonata

(class of 2012)...mp4: 2:27 (5.2 mb)

Video Wellesley 2 Sydney Hodge, Vivaldi Winter

(class of 2011)... mp4: 2:09 (4.8 mb)

New York Philharmonic

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